"The Paladins better than ever" – Lincoln Journal Star Review

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Here's a recent review from the Paladins show at the Zoo Bar in Lincoln, Nebraska by L. Kent Wolgamott with the Lincoln Journal Star:

The Paladins better than ever
The Paladins made it to the Zoo Bar Nov. 21, but Dave Gonzalez’s van didn’t.

It’s likely still buried in the snow in Buffalo, New York. But drummer Brian Fahey was able to drive to Buffalo from Ohio, picked up Gonzalez and, along with bassist Thomas Yearsley, made it to shows in Minneapolis and Lincoln.

The show was the first time in more than a decade that The Paladins played inside the Zoo Bar. The trio, which went on an hiatus in the early 2000s when Gonzalez started working with the late Chris Gaffney in the Hacienda Brothers, got back together in the summer -- when it played ZooFest -- and has toured extensively since, including a trip to Australia.

So the Paladins hit the Zoo road tight and found the place packed with an audience surrounding three sides of the tiny stage. While Gonzalez pooh-poohed the observation, saying the trio was better when they were younger, Friday’s show was as good as I -- and many longtime Paladin followers -- can remember seeing.

Gonzalez is a relatively little-known guitar great and was in top form Saturday, throwing Wes Montgomery jazz licks in with biting blues and white-hot rockabilly guitar. Allen Schreiber described it this way in a comment on one of my Facebook posts during the show in which I said Gonzalez was killing it:

“Dave’s certainly not killing it softly, he’s so on with his chops. Has that hollow body sounding like three guitars playing at once, very reminiscent of Chet Atkins and/or Les Paul at many points in his playing, whether solo or with Thomas Yearsley and Brian Fahey playing with him.”

The two-hour-plus sets by the Paladins Friday were filled with favorites from their 30 years together, blending rockabilly, blues and surf into a motion-inducing, irresistible mix. It’s headed for my list of the best shows of 2014.

(the photo is from the Pistons and Paint Car Show that the Paladins played on Nov. 8th)