Paladins co-founder David "Whit" Broadley Passed away

Hello Friends, it's Dave Gonzalez here, and it is with Deep Sadness that I write this:

Last week I learned that my Great Friend David "Whit" Broadley Passed away.

"Whit" was our original Paladins front man & co-founder along with me & Thomas Yearsley. Whit was about 8-10 years older than me. He Named us The Paladins! and he played Rhythm Guitar and Sang (&wrote) with us from '80 'till 'the end of 1982. We did our first Texas Trip in Dec '82 together w/ Whit, but after we got back to California, Whit told us to go on without him, that he wasn't cut out for any roadwork.

David "Whit" BroadleyRight after that, in March 1983, The Paladins got Busy ... and The Paladins Hit The Road For 25 years! Back in '83 is when Art Fein's/Rhino Records "Best of LA Rockabilly" compilation LP came out. That's Whit & Me on the Double guitar melody on "Double Datin". Whit was my Great friend & Mentor. We met in 1979 when I was working in a Lumber Yard, Whit was working for a General contractor/ Builder. We hit it off the First day we met when he was Playing a Muddy Waters Cassette in his work Truck. I told him was fortunate enough to see Muddy Waters perform live (in 1978) at the famed Golden Bear club in Huntington Beach California. So, soon after our first meet , Whit & I became Good Friends & Blues Record Freaks and collectors.

Then he Turned me on to Johnny Burnett and Gene Vincent among others , and that completely blew my mind !, so, Whit really changed the course of my guitar playing and the rest of my musical life from that point on .

Another thing Whit & I Hooked up on from the beginning was our love for Real Country music. we Both Loved it. Honky Tonk Country.
We Dug the Real Blues , we Dug Rockabilly, and we Loved Real Hardcore Country.

Besides giving us our name"The Paladins", Whit also introduced
us to most all of the heavy cats in the San Diego music scene at that Time in The Early 80's including "Country Dan Montana", "Mark Neil" and "Tim Mays" who took us under their wings, and Tim Mays became our 1st manager in 1981, Mark Neil our first Producer.
Those Three Cats Really helped put us on the So Cal Musical Map.

Whit told me once in the 90's that he had been diagnosed with diabetes, But he looked so good and healthy & Strong, ... he told me he had quit drinking and that he was controlling it with diet, that he was on a strict diet, and he was working real hard. He looked 10 years younger than me even though he was really 10 years older.

Just about every time I ever spoke with Whit, over the past 25 years, he was always talking about a great Buck Owens record, or a New George Jones Song or Merle Haggard song or Record he had Heard or found. Whit was also the first guy to ever turn me on to Gram Parsons. (( sorry Slim, THANKS Whit! ))

Another Guy we Both Dug way in back of this photo, there behind can see a Very Young Johnny Winter! I just got this photo a cpl DayZz ago and I cant tell if Johnny is playing Bass or Guitar? But George & Johnny Both Being from Beaumont Texas, I can bet George was a Hero of Johnny's!

Coincidentally & Sadly,
Johnny and Whit Both passed away right at the same time Last week. ...within days of each other.